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Monday, May 30, 2011

Chase's Battle

Chase Eaden is two and a half years old and son to Kim Eaden. Unfortunately, he is very sick. Chase has been diagnosed with brain cancer and and his prognosis is critical. His course of treatment will include mutiple rounds of chemo and many trips to Riley. Even after chemo, there is a significant chance of relapse. As you can imagine, both Chase and his family are going through a very rough time right now. There will be posts to this blog from Chase's aunt, Keli Fodge, and other members of his family. As a parent to a toddler myself, I can only imagine the emotions this mother is experiencing and my heart goes out to her. Please reach out to this family during this very difficult time. We would appreciate it if you would like this page on Facebook and spread the word. They need your help.

You can read more about Chase and make donations directly at the following link:

An account will be set-up locally in support of raising funds to be used towards medical and travel expenses for Chase's care. Details will be posted soon. Thank you.